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James Jr

"My goal for Good Vibes, M.I. Edition is simple, to give rising creatives a real chance at growth and development."

James Jr. – Founder, Good Vibes, M.I. Edition LLC

In 2012, I was a recording artist who thought he had a grasp on what he wanted out of music. Music had been a part of my life since I left the womb, my dad was a prominent DJ among his peers in Chicago. So I truly thought an emcee was the right path for me. It wasn't until 2016 that I partnered with a friend on a youtube music channel that I found what I really enjoyed with music. It was simply listening to music and sharing my taste with others. It resulted in me creating Good Vibes Radio, my own channel where I post new music daily throughout the week. It's something I continue to do til this day.

My biggest musical leap comes with becoming a promoter in central Illinois. That has been the most fulfilling thing I've ever done with music. With the upside and the downside that comes along with the territory. Watching people enjoy and bask in surreal moments, brings me a lot of joy that I'm able to give them that experience. I believe I was on to something so I took this opportunity to really leave an impact by continuing to develop our platform. I began sharing what I'd learned by coaching and consulting artists from my area to build their sound up and helping them navigate the independent journey. I wanted to provide them real opportunities of exposure by opening for the acts of Montana of 300 and Jarren Benton. We began providing showcases allowing them a chance to work on their showmanship while also developing their networking and fan building skills. That way when they make it to the next phase of their careers they would be ready, with little to no hesitation.

My Goal for Good Vibes, M.I. Edition is simple, give rising creatives a real chance at growth and development. Majority of my life was spent in a smaller market, where you rarely make it happen with music. My team and I are changing that and doing what we can to make it possible for those in smaller markets to reach bigger ones.


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