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New To This and True To This

New To This

Good Vibes, M.I. Edition LLC is new to this and true to this. It started as a youtube channel, Good Vibes Radio, in October of 2016. Around this time, KR posted a version of “Fake Love” and removed the single from his soundcloud within minutes, sparking controversy. This video accumulated over 250,000 views and helped us hit 1,000 subscribers quickly. That’s not why you’re reading this today though, you want to see how we’re going to help those who aren’t, get limelighted. From Youtube to promoting live events to developing artists, now to booking shows and partnering with other promoters. As an independent with no real backing financially, I  never thought I’d make it to the position I’m currently in. I’ll get back to the roots, sharing music on our Good Vibes Radio, but I aim to continue pushing those in smaller markets and helping them navigate to reach the big stage. It’s all a learning process and I’m remaining patient.

True To This

In my 5 years running independently, which is approaching quickly on October 27th, the goals have changed. I started with a youtube channel and I wanted to eventually reach the ranks similar to proximity and the nations. I realized my purpose and that I couldn’t limit myself to only posting music. It wouldn’t be enough to highlight the talent in the area. Questionable if it might have gotten me ahead of myself or not but, I’ve taken each step as a lesson not a loss and I’ve progressed tremendously along the way. What came next after youtube was the music showcase events with local artists. Lately there have been issues with promoters and how they market shows, calling pay to play positions, festivals. When in reality they are simply showcases that you paid to get on. I do my due diligence and I’m transparent with the artist and their team about events. 

My goal isn’t to scam artists, ever,  but to help them. I’m from an area of 45,000 people where you hear hip-hop/rap in the bars, cars, and everyone knows the words, but never live events. We’ve worked relentlessly to change the narrative in this area. We’ve hosted events with Montana of 300, Jarren Benton, and many showcases with different variations of rap and hip hop. It’s important to note, we’ve never had a fight, police, or crazy incidents take place at any of our events and although one day this may happen. I express myself proudly because the first thing said to me was “This is going to end badly.” I’m new to this and true to it, I believe in what I’m building. I hope to one day have people around me who believe in it as much as I do.

Wrap Up

This is my first blog post, to put it plainly, I want to help independent artists in markets like mine from all over. Assisting them by helping them break markets like Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, to give them a real shot at their dream. I face many challenges with what I want to accomplish, but I’ve found incredible talent I believe I can help.

I hope that this site will be a great source for independent artists to get what they need. Whether it be direction on getting their royalties with a consultation, tips to networking at events, marketing services like ad campaigns, press opportunities like blog post, interviews, music reviews, etc, or design services for merch or cover art.

I’ve partnered with multiple independent teams that host shows, apparel prints, marketing, graphic design, and music promotion to help take those in smaller markets to the next level.

Share this site with a friend and continue to watch us grow. I will continue to learn, and as a team, we’ll continue to grow. We’re new to this and true to this.


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