Music Submissions


In The Feels

RnB & Chill

1,200+ Followers

Genres: RnB, Soul, Slow Pop

Kickback Vibes

Chill Hip Hop

750+ Followers

Genres: Rap, Hip Hop, Trap, Chill



Content Pref.: Thoughtful, Reflective

Good Vibes Radio

900+ Followers

Content Pref.: Feel Good

Good Vibes Radio

900+ Followers

Content Pref.: Feel Good

Hoop Session

300+ Followers

Content Pref.: Aggressive, Motivating


How Do I know My Song Got Accepted?

We will email you that it has been accepted if we add your song to one our playlist!

How Do I Get My Song Higher On The Playlist?

Promote the playlist and tag us on Social media @GoodVibes_MI and we will move your song higher in the ranks.

How Often Do You Check Submissions?

At this time, only once a week on Sundays. Sundays we do an overhaul on the playlist with additions to playlist.

No Guarantees

We do not guarantee any amount of streams or the length of placement.


Note: A Donation does not guarantee placement

A donation represents support and recognition for all of our work as a platform as a whole.


Free Youtube Post

Let us hear your music!

You'll be notified if we decide to use it!

Pitch Email List $10

Let us pitch your song!

Over 30+ Spotify Curators

Over 15+ Youtube Channels

EPK & Song Description Required

Lyric Video – $20 – $50

Basic Tier lyric Video – $20

Published on GVR Exclusively

Animated Lyric Video – $50

Published on Underground Tunes Exclusively

Animated Video – $50+

You will be contacted via services@goodvibesmi.com in order received.

*Price May Vary

Good Vibes Radio

4,300+ Subscribers

All Genres Accepted

Free Post Youtube Post

Basic Lyric Videos $20

Underground Tunes

64,000+ Subscribers

All Genres accepted

Animation Videos $40

Lyric Videos $50


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